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About Philipson Wine 

In 1987, after five years of living and working in Burgundy, Christian Philipson established Philipson Wine. His great passion for wine together with a clear business strategy, took the industry by storm - and continues to do so.

Today, Philipson Wine is Denmark’s largest and most successful wine importer and sole-importer of many of the world’s biggest wines, operating in various sales channels.
The company is located in Kokkedal, Denmark and employs approximately 50 employees. 

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Jacob Jensen
Chief Purchasing Officer

 +45 21 63 62 92
E-Mail: jj@philipsonwine.com

Overall responsible

Allan Jørgensen
Purchase Manager

 +45 23 66 61 93
E-Mail: alj@philipsonwine.com

Areas: France

Lars Emil Christoffersen
Purchase Manager

Phone: +45 21 63 23 62
E-Mail: lc@philipsonwine.com

Areas: Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, England, Greece, Romania, USA, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Spirits